Sunday, December 27, 2009

When Are You Living For?

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Seth Godin recently posted a question: "Most of us assume a single range of focus that we care about. And it's usually right around the corner, or even closer. Is that the place to be focusing your brand or your business or your life?"

This got me thinking: When am I living for? Today? Tomorrow? 50 years from now? Eternity?

Living for today or tomorrow alone could lead to dire ramifications for the rest of your life and even beyond. Smoking just one more cigarette might sound like a good idea to get the edge off in the here and now. But what happens when you think about the next 30-50 years instead? Will that cigarette still sound like the best idea?

And it's not just cigarettes. There's tons of momentary pleasures screaming for our attention right now. Do we really count the cost every time we bow to them? When are we living for?


  1. Mark Donaldson9:21 AM

    You pose a good question... Most of the time we think "What are we living for?" or even "Who are we living for?". The "when" of our motivation says a lot about who we are. Kind of a "pay-it-forward" mentality.

  2. Yeah, definitely a "pay-it-forward" mentality. I think asking (and answering) the "when are we living for?" question can also hone in on the "What?" and the "Who?" If we're merely living for tomorrow there's a good chance you're only in it for yourself and no one else.