Saturday, January 31, 2009

UPDATE: Social Media Experiment: Superbowl Twitter Followers

So I just checked the Superbowl Twitter account and as of 7:00 pm MST it has 2305 followers.  I'll be sure to do one more update tomorrow before the big game.

Be sure to check back Monday to see how many bail on the Superbowl Twitter account (we'll give it 24 hours for people to realize the game is over and decided!).

Monday, January 26, 2009

"Tee Today, Gone Tomorrow" -

I stumbled on a great t-shirt site recently - - a nice twist on the online social t-shirt site idea: release only 1 shirt a day and make it available for only 24 hours. I took a quick perusal of their archive of previously printed T's and they seem to have a good collection of high quality art shirts (think Beautiful/Decay or DesignByHumans rather than the more simple/humorous shirts of Threadless). Amazingly, for such short print-runs, the shirts are only $11 a piece ($9+$2 continental US shipping)!

I was most impressed by their ingenious combination of high-quality art shirts plus new shirts daily plus a limited window of availability. Its very similar to another of my favorite online art galleries, Tiny Showcase, where they weekly release a limited run of small prints with a new artist every week. I know some artists shake their heads at the advent of the computer and the internet but I really love these new artists and lovers of art that have fully embraced the internet and its ability to make short-run or limited-release art accessible to so many more people. No longer must one live in the local vicinity of an artist to enjoy their limited edition prints or releases but people from all over the world can experience these local treasures!

Art + internet = creative, sell-able gold!

Social Media Experiment: Superbowl Twitter Followers

Apparently the NFL has set up an official Superbowl twitter account for people to get updates throughout the week, in anticipation of the big game this Sunday. As I was reading this news I had the not-spectacular thought: I wonder how many people will follow @superbowl? And then I had a slightly more interesting thought: I wonder how many followers of @superbowl will stop following after the Superbowl is over?

In my limited observations, social media applications, like Twitter and its many 'Tweeters' accounts, Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and countless others, seem to attract a lot of people at the beginning or near the beginning of their lifetime but as the months and years go by people lose interest and move on to the next online social bandwagon. As a small example of this I am curious to see what happens with this Superbowl account and its followers once the primary purpose of its existence has passed.

Well, now I've material for another post next week! Check back next Monday and we'll do the Twitter math.

@superbowl Twitter followers as of 2:52pm MST, Monday, January 26th: 1067

BTW - I too love the fads of social media, including Twitter, on which you can follow me if you're so inclined.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Marketing: The Times They Are A-Changing

I just read a great article on the new (or is it?) style of marketing in the online social networking age by Brian Clark, Executive Editor at  Here's a not-so-short excerpt from the article that I thought was extrememly insightful, regarding the shift in today's marketing world:
"Mass media is a historical aberration. For a short 70-odd years of human history, a relatively small group of people told us what to think and what to buy, and we were expected to passively accept it.
That’s not how things worked for thousands of years before, and that’s not how it’s going to work in the future. Clinging to the precepts of a brief period of weirdness may not be the best model to guide us, you think?
Before mass media, people marketed their wares directly to one another in a social context. Some people were considered honest and trustworthy, and some people were considered shills and charlatans. Others were revealed to be criminals and con men.
Same as it ever was."
The article also has some great insights into how to monetize your blog and how social networking and blogs are changing the way we think about and respond to marketing.  If you're a blogger or just want to understand a little more about how the marketing game is changing check it out.