Monday, December 29, 2008

Ch-Ch-Cha-Check IT!!!

I just found out today that the lead singer (Josh Robinson) of the band I play in (Sunday Morning Drive: name drop #1) has a bunch of videos of his songs (and others he's covered) on YouTube under the name Ninety Percent Normal!  Go J-man, get down with the 21st century!

Josh has been playing guitar, singing and writing songs for many years now and is incredibly talented.  I count it a true blessing to hear his songs let alone play in his band. 

You definitely need to check these videos out - Josh is always worth the listen!

And if you want to hear Josh live (as well as his band, Sunday Morning Drive) we're playing Wednesday, New Years Eve, at a house party in central Phoenix.  Check out our MySpace page for more info:

Here's a teaser of Mr. Josh Robinson with his song "The Wolf Man" - hilarious and awesome!

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