Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just some light drumming

sweet vid from the drummer from MuteMath!  Very creative idea for some old light bulbs.  I love what some of these newer bands are doing with the internet, allowing fans to get content so easily that would never have been possible 20 or even 10 years ago.

Sweet Gig Posters

Music Gig + Design + Poster = Sweet goodness for my eyes!  I love everything about a great gig poster - the artwork, the music, and the fact that it's live!  So here's a whole slew of gig posters collected on Andrew Lidstrom's web design blog, WellMedicated.com.  Have fun!

"50 Amazing Gig Posters Sure to Inspire" collected by Andrew Lidstrom

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Motion Typography

Some awesome motion typography treatments found via YouTube:

Josh Robinson of Sunday Morning Drive: Open Mic Nights

So the lead singer from my band Sunday Morning Drive, Mr. Josh Robinson, has been playing twice a week at various open mic nights around Tempe, Arizona. His stated goal is to play 300 total songs without repeating any with a rough goal of playing one original song for every 2 cover songs. Go Josh!!!

Here's a couple vids from recent shows:
Rula Bula 9/2/08

Final Round 9/11/08

If you want to check out the rest of the videos or any of the rest of our music check out our myspace page at www.myspace.com/smdband

Amazed and Confounded

While perusing my favorite social news site, digg.com I stumbled upon this article by Simon Dumenco about the sad state of the music industry and it's increasingly idiotic moves to shut down online avenues of new music awareness. A good read once you get past the "hipster" band name-dropping in the first few paragraphs (who the heck are The Virgins any way?).

In the midst of the article the author states these simple facts about revenue sharing in the music industry that blew me away:

"the federal government, prompted by the music industry, doubled the 'performance-royalty' rate that internet radio stations must pay (to record companies) to stream music -- twice as much as satellite radio. Traditional terrestrial radio stations, mind you, don't have to pay performance royalties: They pay only publishing royalties to songwriters. The new internet-radio royalty rates kicked in as of July, and they threaten to kill not just Pandora but the rest of the fledgling internet-radio market. "


And I thought the financial industry was messed up (lately). So, start pulling out your old car radio and 6-disc CD player because the RIAA and much of the rest of the corporate music industry appears to want to transport us back to 1990 (or at least pre-1999 - thank you Napster!). I'm no huge internet radio fan (mostly because I have an iPod that will play for me pretty much anywhere - with only the music I want to hear, mind you) but I do believe that within the music world and much of the retail consumer markets, the more easily-accessible choices available, the happier the consumers will be (which is really what we all want - happy consumers). All of which would mean internet radio and online distributors of digital music makes serious cents, er...sense to us as consumers. Unfortunately this isn't good enough for the corporate giants of the music industry who want the golden days of the 80's and early 90's back - when everyone still bought whole albums and they could drain every drop of cold, hard cash from every band they could possibly sign. But the times, they are a-changin' and the RIAA and it's pals need to get with the program, quick, or they are only going to miss out.

Already bands are doing just fine without ever signing over a cent of their revenue to a record label. Dispatch made it their entire existence without ever signing a deal with a record label (corporate giant or tiny indie) thanks to the the original Napster and LimeWire applications. Mute Math went label-less with their first album and toured for an entire 12+ months, selling albums online and at shows only before ironing out a distribution-only deal with Warner Bros. Last I checked they sold over 10,000 copies in the first month of their album-release tour. (10,000 @ $10 (min.) per copy = $100,000 and that was just in the 1st month of touring and before the eventual deal with Warner Bros to distribute their album to major record stores.)

I find it sad that these record labels are so short-sighted, though from a consumer standpoint we'll always get what we want in the long-run. I just hate to see an entire industry refuse to catch up with the rest of the 21st Century because they of an unwillingness to lessen their profit margin and invest in new technologies or even develop their own, and in turn cheat consumers out of great music. (sidenote: I find it interesting that iTunes - created by a computer and software manufacturing company - is increasingly driving the sales for the music industry. I hate to see a whole generation of artists miss out on great opportunities to reach the people that might actually enjoy their music because their label is unwilling to change the way they do business. Come on record labels - get your heads in the game!!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Goodbye Canon PowerShot SD110

Today is a sad day for me. My hard-working and ever-faithful Canon PowerShot SD110 died. I went to take a texture shot of a curtain that hangs in the doorway to the laundry room at our new place and the screen freaked out. I took the shot anyway but all I got was this:

Now the LCD screen of my camera just shows blips and flashes when I'm in the camera mode. It still shows the menu and pics I've already taken just fine. It seems to me that the image sensor blew up or something.

The little guy has been great since I got him back in 2003 when I was working at Best Buy - small, cheap, versatile, and durable. It's been a great point-and-shoot camera for me.

Anyways, now I have to do some Google Shopping and I have to decide between something like this or something more like this. I'd really like to get a nice digital SLR but my wallet might dictate otherwise.

Take a moment of silence in memory of my good old PowerShot... and then let me know what you think I should get to replace it.