Sunday, April 27, 2008

Swallowing up our failed dream(s)

"Sometimes what we need from the Bible is not the fulfillment of our dream, but the swallowing up of our failed dream in the all-satisfying glory of Christ. We do not always know the path of deepest joy. But all Scripture is inspired by God to take us there. Therefore Scripture is worth more than all this world can offer."

-John Piper, "When I Don't Desire God"

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  1. Wow! You have no idea how that post spoke to my heart. I am an artist and due to illness, I sometimes find it hard to face the fact that my body will not allow me to work as hard as I once did. This illness has caused me to fall short of my goals. I have been working on redefining my goals in life, but I don't think I have been seeking God's guidance enough, as far as my work is concerned. You know, we all need little reminders sometimes. Thanks for reminding me to do that!! Cheryl :)