Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pretty Bees

Oh boy, here it comes. Are you ready? The torrent of new stuff you should be checking out right now is about to hit you square in the face.

First up:

This is by far the best tech and news social bookmarking site out there. Every post is "dugg" or rated by members and the highest rated make it to the main site. Check it out. If you are or become a member you can check out all the stuff I've dugg by looking up my profile under "mickdaddy" (I'm super original with ALL my online profiles).

Next: some sweet pics of bees

This site features insect photography. Craziest thing is that this guy made a rig for his camera that when set off by an insect's movement it auto takes a picture of it. Super-macro pics of bees and such in flight. Pretty cool.

Third: Wallpapers

Some pretty cool wallpapers for your desktop

Fourthly: Google Talk

Google just released their new instant messenger program. Its free, has a clean design, and NO ADS! Doesn't have a lot of the extra features like AOL's does but give it time. I highly reccommend downloading this one. The more people who download it and use it now, the more likely they are to add those extra features as well as continue to push for interoperability with AIM, MSN, and Yahoo clients.

Fifth: Sweet Panoramas

Site collecting some sweet panoramic photography

Sixth: Shark v. Octopus

Video of a shark being taken out by an octopus. Pretty cool.

Finally: OpenOffice 2.0

Get it! Stop buying new upgrades for Microsoft Office and use this great, FREE alternative. Has programs that create spreadsheets, word documents, slide show presentations, and databases. The programs are all compatible with Microsoft documents and will save them to the same file type so all your friends and colleauges still using expensive Microsoft software can view your files.

That's it for now. Read, link up, and share.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

oh man.

This has got to the best quote ever from an unattached single male: "Now there are plenty of perfect girls in relationships, but none are unattached. How is this possible? Did all the lovely young ladies come out of the womb already clutching hands with boys?" Oh man.

this quote came from an article written for

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

you can't say I gave up!

yeah, that's right, you thought I'd forgotten all about this crazy blog! ha! Proved you wrong! no seriously, just got a little sidetracked tver the summer. hopefully I'll be back in action right quick with plenty of good stuff to share with ya!

DMB Rocks!

so yeah, I'm not into the whole pot smoking thing, or all the sexually charged lyrics but man, I just can't stop loving this band. Today proved that Dave Matthews Band still is awesome (despite some lacking releases in the last couple years). On their site they posted a news clip on how to defeat the DRM on their new CD. (DRM or digital rights management for all you newbies to the tech world refers to how record companies are beginning to manage who gets to do what with the songs they buy. For instance you would not be able to rip your new 'Stand Up' DMB CD to your computer using iTunes because of the installed DRM on each of the songs. It's lame, I know.) I'm just so glad some band out there is sticking it the the 'Man' even when the 'Man' is their own record company.