Tuesday, February 22, 2005

and the good stuff just keeps on comin'

yep, yep. just keeps on comin'.

-Website of a Brazilian designer who's worked on a lot of commercials and videos. speciallizes in lots of vector work in his vids. www.nakd.tv
-great interactive site that allows you draw with words. be sure to check out the monthly 'best picks'. www.storyabout.net/typedrawing
-friends Isaac Rentz posted his short film 'Fidel' on his website! check it out. www.isaacrentz.com
-best free photoshop brushes website. www.8nero.net/brushes
-official website of Mattew Mahon, photographer. sweet flash layout! www.matthewmahon.com

p.s. - SMD has shows coming up on March 4th @ Cooper'stown, 10pm, and at Minder Binders (in Tempe) on March 11th. Both are $5 ($5 presale for Minder Binders show. email me for tickets...presale makes us $$$, paying the $8 at the door doesn't. do us a favor. thx!)

Monday, February 21, 2005

oops! gotcha!

yeah, that's what you'll be tellin' Sum 41 too once you've heard this crazy mp3 - http://www.jbarkerdesign.com/UML/coldsum.mp3 Basically, if you've got stereo on with those computer speakers of yours you'll be hearing Coldplay's 'The Scientist' out the left speaker and Sum 41's 'Pieces' out of your right speaker. give it a listen. you should notice that both songs have the exact same chord structure, same tempo, and an eerily similar melody. "whoa" (as Keanu would say). yeah, scary isn't it? any booing, name calling, or other taunts for musically cheating can all be directed at Sum 41 seeing as they released 'Pieces' 2 years (2004) after Coldplay released their song (2002). so to all you punkrockers out there, here's a little tip I'm passing on to you: if you don't know how to write good music, just steal. if it works for Sum 41, it can work for you! just don't steal any of my stuff!

Monday, February 14, 2005

heaven, almost here

just got the Garden State soundtrack for Valentine's Day. all I gotta say is that Adrienne, you're awesome!!! this soundtrack is...I can't even put it into words. its just too good. every song is full of emotion and substance. the Colin Hay track is just incredible. its this amazing mix of guitars, his scott-accented voice, bag-pipes and this undercurrent of celtic melody that just blows me away. this one's a keeper.

music categories...

this has got to be the best description of all that crappy, over-done, pop-punk stuff they keep pumping out: *mall-ready punk. totally. mall-ready.

*quoted from a music review on allmusic.com

Saturday, February 12, 2005

discouraged and disgruntled

yeah, so don't get me wrong, I love our band! I have a ton of fun playing music, writing songs, and just hanging out with the other guys. but man, surfing around purevolume.com has made me realize just how good our stuff is! I'm not one to brag but I happened to be checking out some of the top unsigned bands on the site and a lot of them are just the 'same old, same old.' its like we're the only band out there who actually doesn't sound like every other band. what gets me down, though, is that we get like maybe one hit a day on our little blurb on purevolume. it's like we don't even exist. it begs the question: "what the heck are people listening too?" another green day/blink 182/the strokes pop-post-punk band??? c'mon people!!! get an ear! or two! there is so much better stuff out there! its like the entire music world has gotten completely wrapped up into this huge hipster/post-punk craze that it appears that nothing new can be popular. argh!!! it makes me sick. if people would just stop buying into it. its just like hollywood. they're gonna keep putting out the same old rehashed crap as long as people keep throwing their money at the screen. all I know is we gotta get this thing rolling. we need to show the world, or at least the greater Phoenix area what real music sounds like, prove that musicality is still alive! so if you wanna join this crusader please check us out at www.smdband.com and purevolume.com and myspace.com. support the music reformation!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

so tired...

of being tired. yeah, life got pretty full and crazy in the last few days what with work, my design class, the band, and putting together our website, all at the same time. oh man, tomorrow (my day off) is gonna be awesome! 'why?' you may ask. well, it means I don't have to be up until I want to! yay! anyways, here's some major design linkage for ya: netdiver.net, a 'best of website design' site. check it out but beware, if you've got access to a broadband connection you may never return from this site! its got more good stuff to oggle and drool over than you can imagine. at least if you're into design. some way sweet stuff. I thought of perhaps picking out some of my favorites, but the more I started checking out sites the more I wanted to post them all, so I figured I'd just let you discover them all for yourself.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

One more time

And you thought I'd forgotten all about my little blog! hardly. check this one out - Gene Kelly gets his groove on.

Oh and be sure to come out to Cooper'stown this Friday, 8pm to hear your favorite Phoenician jam band produce another scintillating show of sound. you know you want to. and don't forget to check out all our audio clips on purevolume.com, 15megsoffame.com, and now on myspace.com (and no, they're not all just repeats of each other)