Monday, December 13, 2004

hey kiddos!

yeah, its that time again:

time to plug our band, Sunday Morning Drive!

come hear us play a benefit concert at Cooper'stown on Wednesday, with 3 other awesome local bands. the concert is to support a local police officer, brutally maimed in a car accident earlier this year. come out a support us and the other bands as we support this awesome guy! Show starts at 7:00pm. be there. or else I'll steal all your childrens... I mean it.

oh, and be checkin' in the coming weeks. hopefully we'll haves some cheese up and running soon. that is, until I get my butt in gear and actually design the site, instead of using a dumb, pre-made template.

ok, time for some fun linkage! check out this crazy8 minute flash video on how Google is going to take over the media world in the next ten years. its kind of ironic to think that at this very moment I'm using one of their very own services ( and telling all of you about how 'evil' google may become! as evil, perhaps, as microsoft! 'gasp'

ok, maybe not that evil. but this vid may put some fear into your heart! think hard, and have fun!
Scot and Josh rockin' it out @ Cooper'stown, November 24th Posted by Hello

Friday, December 03, 2004

me and my bass guitar (or at least one I wish was mine. Jon, you make me jealous!) Posted by Hello

get yer groove on mr. auto-roboto

check this vid out.
the load time's worth the wait...

if you wanna get yer groove on, baby!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Rock, Rockin' It!!!

hey, hey everybody! its been a good day! no work, movies in the mail (through the free, 2-week trial of Blockbuster's online movie rental), and our band got booked for our first full show!

Wednesday, December 15th, @ Cooperstown, we'll be playing with 3 other local bands: American Made, Runaway Phoenix, and some other band that I don't remember the name of.

Soooo....BE THERE!!!