Saturday, October 09, 2004

quit tweaking my windows!

I found a cool little article that gives you some sweet tweaks for Windows XP, specifically desktop related stuff. for instance I employed a nifty trick that allows me to save my desktop icons and their positions so whenever they get moved (which is like every time I open Photoshop, for some weird reason) I can reset them easily. another cool trick lets you customize the spacing of your icons. and the coolest is one that lets you download themes for XP to customize the interface! pretty sweet! I'll keep you posted on which theme I end up with.

so until then...burn like the sun, or something like that


  1. Anonymous9:59 PM

    yo mike, its matt...
    what is up dude...
    elephants are fat...
    That was interesting, the tweaking stuff, i just changed the spacing inbetween my icons, i didnt know i could do that....
    oh hey, quick question, do you have to pay for the blogger u use?
    oh hey, another quick question, can u customize the blogger u use with pictures, ur own background, music, etc. etc.??
    hit me up at thx man...adios

  2. hey yo, its matt again, i compared your blog service to my blog service and got jealous so i switched...ya, so far so good..

    elephants are still fat...