Sunday, August 22, 2004

better late than never

sorry, I know its been a while since I last posted, but there just hasn't been a whole lot to write about lately. that, and I got a bit lazy. Anyways, here's my recommendation for the week:

Garden State - Written, directed and starring Zach Braff, this movie is good. real good. very well written, funny, moving, poignant, and inspirational, not to mention its got the added benefit of a great soundtrack, including songs from Frou Frou and Coldplay, plus tons of other great stuff. One down side: way to many f-bombs get dropped during conversation in this movie, though the over-indulgent use of the f-word does help to contrast Zach Braff's character in comparison to all his old, foul-mouthed NJ friends. Anyways, if you can handle the language (oh and one really stupid sex scene, almost forgot about that one), then I highly recommend this one. At least get the soundtrack when it's released!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Takin' Care of Business

Tonight has got to be the first and last time I'll ever wanna see Bush rockin' out to 'Takin' Care of Business!' I'm for sure votin' for the guy, but this one just makes me laugh! (thanks Sarah J.!)

Oh, if you haven't caught 'em yet, these guys are pretty cool - Nine Mile. Gotta love it when Canada pops out another great band! Their website's got some good samples of their music too, which always makes me happy! Gotta love hearin' new (free!) music!

One last word - why is it so many people feel that they can't enjoy life without a little 'herbal enhancement'? If it takes gettin' high to enjoy something, is it really worth it??? Just somethin' to ponder.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

did I hear music?

ever felt like you were being called into the radio industry? Ever wanted to have your own radio show? wanna be a dj? check out mercora, a cool new online p2p radio program, which allows you to host your own shows! sweet, huh? betta believe it! now go get it and play some music... oh, and it better be good music!!!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

what's goin' on???

so I told you that I'd have somethin' new posted by the end of this weekend, so I'm makin' good on my promise! Here's what's goin' down in the near future in the great city of Phoenix:

1. It's gonna stay real hot for a while, and then maybe get cooler, come, like, christmas.
2. Its already passed, but its definitely worth mentioning - Ill Harmonics new album, 'Monkey Business' hit stores on July 29th. Go get it! NOW!!!
3. August 24th - Dave Matthews Band, Cricket Pavilion, probably already sold out, but hey, you should now when it's gonna happen!
4. Same day as DMB - G. Love and Special Sauce's new album is released - 'The Hustle'
5. September 16th - Johnny Lang - Celebrity Theater
6. Norah Jones - Cricket Pavilion - Oct. 11th
7. G. Love and Special Sauce, October 14th, Celebrity Theater
8. October 17th, the new Mars Ill album is released - 'ProPain'
9. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (gotta know this one!!!) - Tucson - Convention Music Hall - november 1st; Flagstaff - the Orpheum Theater - November 2nd; Phoenix - Celebrity Theater - November 4th. Anybody wanna go with me? Cause this one is a must!

that's all for now, I'm sure there's much more goin' on but this'll at least give you a nice head start. Happy music show and album release attending, this fall!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

nappin' it really real

so...naps are way cool! 2 hours this afternoon really helped, though I'm still feelin' dogged, come 12 am. Big suprise. Tomorrow I start my second job: researching local building projects for an insurance company. Fun Stuff. But hey, it brings in the dough. Hopefully won't be too bad. Can't be worse than makin' a bunch of 'not-a-sales' sales calls all day. Though I'm still doin' that too, for another couple weeks. Anyway, not much to report on the music front, mostly cause I've been too busy and too tired to care right now. Hope to have a list of upcoming local music shows and events up in the next couple days. Maybe by Sunday! Anyways, have fun before the semester hits!


Monday, August 02, 2004


So if you haven't been into the independant music scene of the late nineties to the present, you've probably missed one of the best independent bands of the last decade - Dispatch (and, yeah, they're better than all that modest mouse and co. stuff that's come out so recently!). Straight out of Boston, this three man crew ripped it up all over the US, touring non-stop, and selling more than 300,000 CDs in the last eight years (pretty impressive for a group that never signed with a single record company in their existence).

You remember that software program called napster? Yeah, well these guys are the quint-essential poster-boys for that program, and the ideas about file sharing that it fostered. Without Napster, and its ability to spread music (as well as other media) all over the world, Dispatch would never have made it as big as they have. Now don't get me wrong, under the current copyright laws, essentially free file sharing is illegal and I'm not putting my stamp of approval on it, but for bands out there like Dispatch, who refuse to trade their musical and lyrical freedom for money and notoriety (brought to you courtesy of "THE RECORD LABEL") file sharing is one of the best ways to distribute their name to as many people as possible, quickly! And they'll agree! (and you wonder why the record companies all hate free file sharing!)

Anyways, this summer holds Dispatch's final show, in Boston, so don't go lookin' for tour dates for next year. However, all three guys, Pete, Chad and Braddigan are now off and about creating their own music. Personally I have found a lot to enjoy about Braddigan's new solo effort (check out his debut ep, 'Dirt Level Demos'). This ep is essentially Braddigan and his guitar (sidenote: Braddigan played drums for Dispatch, though his primary instrument of choice is the guitar!) with a bit of vocal layering to add some depth here and there (gotta love harmony!). On top of some great skill and talent as both a musician and song writer, he's a born-again Christian (or however you wanna state it) which is always a big plus in my book for artists I wanna highlight! So check him out and keep your tabs on his stuff in the coming months and year, cause this guy's got talent, some big dreams, and a big heart!

(sorry, this one got kinda long)