Tuesday, July 27, 2004


yay!  Happy night!

have a good one!


P.S. - check out the Bourne Supremacy, it rocks!  (but check out the Bourne Identity first, cause it helps make the Bourne Supremacy rock!)
oh, and have I ever mentioned Victor Wooten rocks my world (when it comes to bass)?  Cause he does.  that and rocks just about the entire bass world.  check him out!

Monday, July 26, 2004

its that time again...

Cali kicks butt!  If you didn't already know, now you do.  Got to spend a quality weekend with a bunch of junior high kids from the youth group I work with (Excel, Camelback Bible Church) in Cali, doin' the coaster thing at Six Flags.  Total fun!!  I so wanna hit the beach again this summer, sometime.  Just gotta find some people to go with.  Anyway, gettin' ready for the week ahead, so I'll catch ya'll later.

Friday, July 23, 2004

time to get down with your roots

'Step into the realm, you're bound to get caught and from this worldly life you'll soon depart'

oh, man!  I've been  missin' my Roots!  These guys can truly drop the bomb when it comes to rockin' the mic.  Some of my other fave hip-hop hooks:

'1,2,3! Mos Def and Talib Kweli, we came to rock it on to the tip top.  best alliance in hip hop.
1,2,3! Black Star shine eternally.  we came to rock it on to the tip top.  And Hi-Tek make the beat drop'

'We rock up, up, we get down, down, we move left, left, slow right, right nod heads (nod heads), shake hips (shake hips), take hip-hop music to the height of the night.  We rock up, up, we get down, down, we move left, left, slow right, right nod heads (nod heads), shake hips (shake hips), cause that's what we do, that's what we do...'

'One rhyme can't change the world but still I never back down.  speak my piece in microphones and fade into the black-ground.  What's wrong has prospered too long, its time to take it back now, write what's right upon walls and fade into the black-ground.'

'I shall proceed and continue to rock the mic.'

'yes indeed, like who, I John Reu, do promise you the listener to keep it innovative. 
dog gon' it.  my name is John Reu and you have my word on it.'

'Quality control captivates your party patrol, your mind, body, and soul.  for whom the bell tolls.  let the rhythm explode.  big, bad and bold B-boys of old...'

Go get your own.  discover the scintillating sounds of some quick calls, layered on the bold breaks, of your fave dj/mc combo, ya'll!

Happy listenin' as I head to Cali with a bunch of junior highers!  Check ya later.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


pretty tired, so I'm leavin' a short one tonight...
(so much for the formal review process I mentioned last time!)

'you could be my punk rock princess, and I could be your garage band king...'

hope one day I get to say that to my wife-to-be, whoever she is (I know that sounds way sappy and cliche, but hey, I am sappy and somewhat cliche deep down inside!  And you know you are too!).  of course I wouldn't mind be a garage-band king, even without the punk rock princess


Monday, July 19, 2004

championship vinyl

(to add some formality to my page I am implementing the following into my semi-daily rantings: a daily/nightly  highlight/review of something exceptional I've seen, read, heard, or watched, and a daily dose of what I'm listening to, reading (cause readin's good for ya!), and/or watching.)
Tonight's Highlights:
'High Fidelity'.  if you haven't seen it, see it.  With a mixture of the relational angst and musical rantings of 'Empire Records' (though the rantings extend far and beyond those of 'Empire') and the stylistic dialogue and narration of 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off', this film retains, in my view, the high and vaulted position of number one post-teen-angst movie.  John Cusack is at his finest, bringing to life a true boy-becoming-man, as his character reflects on his relationships, present and pass.  Plus you can't beat the musical bantering/critique that fills this movie to the brim!  I will warn you, however, that its got a fair dose of language, and one scene that it could do without (nudity).  just so there's no suprises. 
saw 'Napoleon Dynamite' tonight, as well.  Great movie: funny (very funny!), stylistically out-there, and some well executed acting (how he mangages to keep his lips from ever closing is beyond me!).  my prediction: cult classic, 'specially after it hits store shelves.
if you haven't discovered it yet, discover it now: KEXP 90.3, of Seattle, WA.  Listen live, all day, with some awesome 'DJ'-ing and a decent selection of music (I don't mean variety, but quality).  I will warn you, however, that some DJ's lean heavily on the garage band side of musical taste, with a lot of modest mouse and franz ferdinand-ish bands being pumped through the soggy air waves of the northwest.  Overall, and excellent online indie station.  A definite good listen, most all the time.
Daily Dose: 
Listening: KEXP, plus a mix of old-school DMB; anything before 'Everyday' (I've been on this DMB binge for the last week.  There's no tellin' how long it'll last!)
Reading:  Villa and Zapata: A History of the Mexican Revolution, by Frank Lynn.  Why?  Cause, I admit, I am a history-phile and this guy can really write a decent history book!
Watching:  'High Fidelity' and 'Napoleon Dynamite' (see above)
"Keep on Rockin' for the Kids" 

Sunday, July 18, 2004

tired to no end

definitely tired.  9 hours of driving, plus practice with the band, plus hang time with the band and their respective girlfriends has left me drained.  Colorado is still awesome, but right now bed calls to me.  Hope this week has been awesome for you as well!  Night.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

until next week...

so tired, and yet its a good tired, if you know what i mean! good day of work, fun (thanks mom for all the clothes, you rock!), and more fun with Adrienne and her family (and crazy pets!) now i've just gotta get packed for an awesome week in pagosa springs, co.

so, yeah...catch ya'll next week, for another episode of nothin' special

Friday, July 09, 2004

oh, boy, busy day

so, sleep is starting to become non-existent. at least in mick jones land. two real jobs and another "job" (me just messin' around on illustrator for money) is startin' to cramp my style. sleep. that wonderful, non-drug-induced state of being where all is forgotten. that state of consciousness that, for some reason, i am completely addicted to. anyway... today involved many phone calls to many large companies who really had no interest in my survey questions/sales pitch, little eating (though my one meal at Chile's rocked! thanks mom!!!), and a whole lot of fun! oh, and rob, this awesome graphic design guy who i've known since like jh had me over to his 'office' (the rennovated garage behind his house) to help me on some design stuff... and then treat me to 45 minutes of video games! gotta love 30-something year-olds who still love to game it up! check out his stuff at www.neteclipse.com, plus the site itself is just cool! anyway, time to catch a few winks, before another busy, fun day

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Variation, Anyone?

So when did it become cool for a band's drummer to utilize only one beat pattern, for every freakin' song??? Is it just me or is Franz Ferdinand missin' the boat when it comes to decent drumming. I mean, the first time its alright, but every song???

If you want decent drumming just go check out some great bands you've probably already heard of: Carter Beauford (of DMB) or Neil Pert (Rush).

To all you aspiring drummers out there: drop the pounding bass, repetive smacks on that snare, and jam, baby! Mix it up, make it fresh! Learn to play with the music, feel it, not just drive it with some monotonous beat that a 7 year old can pound out on his mom's kitchen pans!

Alright enough spewing for one day! Have a great one!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

The End is Near

Its all about the benjamins! Today was good, and not so good, all rolled into one delicious mess of a time! Havin' no money can really kill the spirit, and yet somehow God is good enough to let me have peace in all things, in all circumstances. Why? Cause He is love. Plain and simple. Like buttered toast, baby!


hope to get this whole blog thing up and goin' soon (gives me somethin' to do).

my pick of the day? K-Os
Found him last night, and his stuff kicks some serious hip-hop butt. Check him out!