Monday, December 13, 2004

hey kiddos!

yeah, its that time again:

time to plug our band, Sunday Morning Drive!

come hear us play a benefit concert at Cooper'stown on Wednesday, with 3 other awesome local bands. the concert is to support a local police officer, brutally maimed in a car accident earlier this year. come out a support us and the other bands as we support this awesome guy! Show starts at 7:00pm. be there. or else I'll steal all your childrens... I mean it.

oh, and be checkin' in the coming weeks. hopefully we'll haves some cheese up and running soon. that is, until I get my butt in gear and actually design the site, instead of using a dumb, pre-made template.

ok, time for some fun linkage! check out this crazy8 minute flash video on how Google is going to take over the media world in the next ten years. its kind of ironic to think that at this very moment I'm using one of their very own services ( and telling all of you about how 'evil' google may become! as evil, perhaps, as microsoft! 'gasp'

ok, maybe not that evil. but this vid may put some fear into your heart! think hard, and have fun!
Scot and Josh rockin' it out @ Cooper'stown, November 24th Posted by Hello

Friday, December 03, 2004

me and my bass guitar (or at least one I wish was mine. Jon, you make me jealous!) Posted by Hello

get yer groove on mr. auto-roboto

check this vid out.
the load time's worth the wait...

if you wanna get yer groove on, baby!

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Rock, Rockin' It!!!

hey, hey everybody! its been a good day! no work, movies in the mail (through the free, 2-week trial of Blockbuster's online movie rental), and our band got booked for our first full show!

Wednesday, December 15th, @ Cooperstown, we'll be playing with 3 other local bands: American Made, Runaway Phoenix, and some other band that I don't remember the name of.

Soooo....BE THERE!!!

Monday, November 29, 2004

mmm, mmm, good.

its been an eventfull week since I last posted. amongst the many activities that went down here's a sample of a few:

flew to Florida and back
worked 'Black Friday' (and no, its not as busy as everybody makes it out to be)
played at Cooperstown (super way fun!!!)
ate food. lots of food.
gave thanks, for a lot
bought Christmas lights
rearranged my living room

yeah, fun stuff.

only news of note would be that our band's next audition at Cooperstown is December 8th (a wednesday), 6:30pm. Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

It's been too long...

when you can't remember your sign-in name or password for this crazy blog system. yeah. way too long. anyways...

the big news: COME TO MY BAND'S SHOW!!!
actually its an audition, but its open to the public.
here's the details...
Wednesday, November 24th, 6:30pm
Cooper'stown, in downtown Phoenix (1st st. and Jackson)
we're auditioning for the Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding Concert/Dinner in December.
so far we're 1 of 24 bands picked out of the original 100 entries to audition. if we make it through this audition we'll go on to play a second audition with the remaining 11 bands on December 8th. But we need support!!! as far as we understand it, the judges are looking for an awesome band WITH lots of support at the auditions! So come, and cheer us, Sunday Morning Drive, on to victory! oh, and keep New Year's Eve open. we're hoping (and planning) on putting on a 'Friends and Family Show' somewhere, probably some one's house. and if you're readin' this you're probably a friend or family member and you're welcome to come! more details to come in the next couple weeks.

here's a tasty tidbit for all you xbox gamers. is an awesome site offering a free program that sets up a crazy 'network' over the internet, allowing you to play popular system link-capable games over the internet...FOR FREE! so far I've been tearing it up on Halo 2. basically its like xbox live, without the whole money-for-the-service thing. check it out.

Friday, November 12, 2004


yep, its ridiculous. 'what's ridiculous?' you might ask. well, this has become my new favorite word. ridiculous. just say it with me: 'ridiculous'. isn't it fun?! I love it!

what's not ridiculous is the Screensavers posting video clips from their show in their website! totally awesome. so now, even though I'm a complete 'loser' for dropping cable tv, I can still catch brief glimpses of the most geekiest show ever...or at least close to the geekiest show. anyways, I was excited! and so should you! now, that's 'RIDICULOUS!'

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Halo2=no sleep

yeah, that pretty much sums up my night: no sleep. no suprise I happen to be getting to bed late on the morning after the release date for Halo 2. Anyways, my first impression is of an awesome fps with some great multiplayer options (though I have yet to test out the 16 system lan party set-up). I'm having a hard time imagining 64 people (let alone 16 xbox's, networking cables and routers) fitting into my apartment. 16 people was quite enough last time! anyways, I'm off to bed. At least I don't have to be at work tomorrow!!!

Friday, October 29, 2004

cut n' paste

think you wanna go on a cross country road trip? check this vid for a little preview. pretty cool use of a time-lapse camera.

sorry, todd's mac, for some reason, won't give me the tool to make text into a url link so you're gonna have to go old school and do a little cut n' paste. mac's are weird.

urinal journal

okay, best house in the whole world: the Hamanns. They've got a urinal in the bathroom! and that's besides the massive rest of the house, which is just a good ol' awesome house! anyways, way too tired, so I'll catch up on some sleep now. night.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

and now for something completely different.... at least something new!

I've finally found something worthy of posting:, an awesome collection of digital art. Everything from awesome photoshop images to way cool illustrations, this site has it all. I recommend checking out the chapters of art. way cool! anyways, have fun!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

home, anybody?

yeah, so anybody in the flagstaff area need a roommate come spring semester? drop me a line if so, cause I'm looking to move up there and would love to live with an awesome roommate (or two or three!).

besides that, I don't have much to say tonight besides, ROCKIT! go ahead, rock it! whatever it may be, if its worthing doing, rock it to the max!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

'the size is just incredible'

I heard it said tonight: '"elephants are fat, and unfortunately for them, there is no excercise that will help their situation"

thought I'd pass the thought on.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

quit tweaking my windows!

I found a cool little article that gives you some sweet tweaks for Windows XP, specifically desktop related stuff. for instance I employed a nifty trick that allows me to save my desktop icons and their positions so whenever they get moved (which is like every time I open Photoshop, for some weird reason) I can reset them easily. another cool trick lets you customize the spacing of your icons. and the coolest is one that lets you download themes for XP to customize the interface! pretty sweet! I'll keep you posted on which theme I end up with.

so until then...burn like the sun, or something like that

Thursday, October 07, 2004

incomprehensible craziness

oh, man, this is by far one of the funniest things I've found on the internet in a while. even if you're not a relient k fan this one will still make you laugh. go to and click on the link to 'commercials'. watch. and laugh. super funny!

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

looking after the savages

so I'm housesitting this week, or at least until wednesday evening, for our senior pastor while they're in chicago, visiting wheaton with their son. fun stuff! their two dogs are awesome, and lesli bought me a bunch of food for the week so I'm happy! and I haven't had to work yet this week! its such a mixed blessing: no work - yay!, no work=no $ - boo! but in other news I landed another job doing screen printing! hopefully that'll be fun!

anyways, I'm off to eat some pizza...

Thursday, September 30, 2004

all fixed up!

man, not having internet or TV is pretty crazy! I can totally live without television, though not being able to watch movies or play video games can be a little challenging at times. and then having no internet had left me feeling cut off from the world.

so, "yay!", for having over-priced cox high-speed internet back and working!

Monday, September 27, 2004

all play and no work

yeah, that's the plan for tomorrow! yay, for no work and a solid night of sleep! this last weekend (though awesome) totally wiped me out. the staff retreat was the bomb diggity, and more fun than a barrell of chihuahuas (though I'm doubting the actual fun-ness of a barrel of those). there were a few times that I thought it would just be more fun to have all the staff live together in one big house and never return to our real lives! but that's not the plan, and so now we're all 'refreshed' and ready to go for the year ahead for Excel!

Anyways, don't get me wrong. I really do enjoy work (more so when there are actual customers to talk to) and am kinda bummed to be off for three days. yeah, its weird. nobody working for best buy should be bummed to have days off, but, hey, I guess its a good thing in my case, considering I've finally got a decent job that I actually enjoy showing up for!

no fun links this time. haven't really had all that much time to spend on bumming around the internet lately. but hopefully something soon. that's what days off are good for!

so here's to all of you with real jobs that require 9-5, m-f. peace.

Friday, September 24, 2004

woo hoo!

up in pinetop/lakeside with the excel staff! woo hoo!!! be back sunday.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

a dizzy feelin' inside my head

tonight wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. band practice was a bust since Jesse our drummer (who wanted to practice tonight instead of tuesday) bailed on us. we still don't know where he's at. somewhere between the gym and Denver, that's all we know! went to Abblepees instead and got a quesadilla (yay for two meals in one! now I've got lunch for tomorrow too!!). but now I feel really dizzy, like somebody slipped a little something in my pepsi (just proves that PepsiCo is almost as evil as Microsoft!). anyways, at least today contained a nice, long nap! three cheers for naps!

so I've pretty much decided NAU and Flagstaff are gonna be my home next semester! I'm so psyched about getting back into school full time AND hanging out up there! phoenix is SO passe. just kiddin'! I'm gonna miss a lot of people if I do leave...and I mean miss 'em a lot. but there's plenty of cool peeps up in the great non-white (as in no snow) north of Arizona, too, so that'll be cool. anyways...

found a pretty cool site for the Neistat Brothers of NY. They're a couple of crazy dudes who make videos, often for the purpose of criticizing products and policies, i.e. *iPod's crazy unreplaceable battery and its life-span of 18 months (which is conveniently 6 months more than their warranty!), or *a video of one of the brothers riding his bike through the Holland tunnel in NY (which is illegal to do!) to prove that its faster to just ride your bike than drive a car in NY city. cool stuff. have a looksee!

here's a way cool media site,, that features a bunch of downloadable songs, videos and other cool stuff to check out. I believe you may need to install limewire to download some of the songs, but I may be wrong. have fun!

*sorry, I realized after the fact that these two videos are not actually accessible through You can still view them from the links I put up, but if you go to the brothers' site, you won't be able to find them from there. sorry for the mix-up!

camera, anyone?

anybody wanna get me a new digital camera? I've got an employee discount @ Best Buy!!! c'mon, you know you wanna support your local poor college kid!

boys will be boys

yeah, so I found this great little essay on men and christian brotherhood at what's funny is that not less than an hour before reading it, my girlfriend and I were having a very similar discussion (though it was mostly me doing the discussing, cause my big mouth won't shut up! - sorry Adrienne!). this bit of writing pretty much lays out perfectly what I was trying to get out of my head, so give it a read if you want!

tired, and ready for bed, I now journey into the land of pillows and blankets. yay for my favorite pastime!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

artsy fartsy!

so you think you're an artist? or at least on your way down that road? here's a couple interesting foray's into digital art:

1. Greg Martin is a digital illustrator who uses digital art software (such as Adobe Photoshop) to create some amazing artwork. primarily his art focuses on the subject of space, the universe, stars, planets, comets and the such. his stuff is so amazing due to the detail with which he adds to his illustrations, using only digital means! check out his two sites: his portfolio and his personal gallery site. both are worth the look!

2. second is a slightly different take on digital art. primarily a foray into flash animation, this eCard, made for the band Kings of Convenience and their album entitled 'Riot on and Empty Street,' delves into some cool animations that can be done using a single photograph. very cool, along with some cool, mellow, acoustic guitar-driven music! each song brings up a different flash animation. "ch-check it out!"

so tonight finds me on Adrienne's computer, located in Raymond Hall, Northern Arizona University! Flagstaff rocks, and so far the weekend's been a good one. all of you Greater Phoenix Area peeps - I highly reccommend gettin' somewhere cool before school gets too crazy and while its still worth ditchin' the horrendous heat; perhaps Flag or the beach??? do it! you won't regret it!

catch you's all late. peace.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

tasty tidbits

late, as usual, I only today finally downloaded the new Firefox 1.0 preview version. I highly reccommend it as an alternative to Microsoft Internet Explorer (I'm just about a anti-fan of Microsoft, despite the fact my machine runs XP). If you haven't heard yet, Mozilla (another great web-browser, and maker of Firefox) provides some great products (like Firefox!) for free. In this case, Firefox is much more secure than IE, provides a built-in pop-up blocker, and a great assortment of plug-ins (such as a google search bar and a whole ton of others). You can completely customize the program with as little or as much stuff as you want depending on your interests and degree of web-saavy-ness (some people really don't need even a quarter of the plug-ins they offer). best thing about Firefox? FREE! yeah, completely free! which is awesome considering what you're getting for nothing! feel free to download it here.

so I happened to be filling out some of those dorky sweepstakes that Guitar Center has every once in a while (cause I really want free music stuff!) and I ran across this crazy video. its the video of the winner of this year's Guitarmageddon contest that Guitar Center puts on. its an annual guitar contest to honor the best unsigned guitar player in the USofA. this guy is just plain nuts! you'll just have to check it out! I've never seen anybody do so much junk on an acoustic. just go watch it and you'll know what I'm talking about.

I'm suprised I haven't posted a link to this guy yet! Isaac Rentz. I went to college with him back a couple years ago, when I was up at Northern Arizona U. and I've been keepin' up on his site ever since. this guy's goin' places and does more stuff than anybody I know. amateur song writer, film maker, graphic designer, as well as holding down a job and going to school full time: this guy blows my socks off! check out his site - great posts, good links, awesome stuff to check out. oh, and if you got the dough, buy a Taking Back Sunday shirt, if you get the chance, and support Mr. Rentz (he's designed several shirts for them). you'll have to check his site for which ones are his, but I've linked this one right to the TBS merch store.

there ya go, some tasy tidbits for ya to savor. have fun.

Monday, September 13, 2004

let the good times roll

yeah, so today ended much better than yesterday, despite puking all of Leslie Savage's fine salmon dinner all over Kiwanis Park, in Tempe! first off, I made it to church for the first time in a couple weeks, which was awesome cause church today was awesome! second off, I got two free meals thanks to the awesome Delnoces (or Delni, as we on Excel staff affectionately use for the plural of Delnoce) and Savages (you guys rock!) along with some awesome conversations with them, as well! Thirdly, got to hang with one cool HS junior, Johns! He's the man! fourthly, I got a call back from Best Buy about orientation tomorrow! Hooray for job! fifthly, I got to play soccer with a bunch of crazy kids from ASU, and ran into my old friend from HS, Justin! its been an awesome day!

found this crazy web page with all these tattoos of cool game and tech stuff! its pretty interesting (except for the way crazy lizard-man guy at the end of the list. I'm not a fan of his lifestyle.).

Sunday, September 12, 2004

black and blue

some days just leave you beat up... feeling black and blue.
this would be one.

Friday, September 10, 2004

its a doozy!

alrighty kids! its time for conspiracy theories 101! yeah, so my friend, chiko, found this crazy video regarding the 'plane' that crashed into the pentagon on 9/11. this one will definitely have you scratchin' your head! was it a 737, a missile, or even a rogue fighter jet??? watch and not find out! anyways, I think its worth the watch, despite all the loud, crunching guitar music. so check it out.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

the staples

so tomorrow is grocery day. gotta pick up some of the essentials (or staples, as you will), i.e. bread, water and milk. not having a job the last couple weeks has really got me on a tight budget, so food is limited to only the necessities, or whatever I can bum off my wonderfully giving parents (thanks again mom!). though the budget crisis should be over in a couple weeks. managed to get offered a job at best buy (woo hoo.) so if you happen to be over in scottsdale, feel free to drop on by the best buy at Indian Bend and the 101 and say hi (and maybe buy a digital camera!). yeah, I'll be workin' the 'digital imaging' deptartment, as they call it. hopefully it'll be a fun place! nothin' new on the music front, other than all my cd's got jacked out of my car. good thing I have 'em all backed up on my computer! I am totally all for backin' that stuff up! I saw this thing on the screen savers (best tv show ever) on this guy who back's up people's music collections digitally, for them, and gets paid to do it! that'd be the bomb-diggity job! I'd be all over that like a hobo on a ham sandwich! so... until next time, keep it nifty!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

A Tale of Two Africas

so, just finished reading one of the better novels I've read in a long time - The Power of One, by Bryce Courtenay. Its an awesome story of a white, English-speaking boy growing up in the mid 20th century in South Africa. While it focuses primarily on his experiences and his growth as an individual it gives a rare glimpse into the history of prejudice in that racially torn country. This is a definite must if you are a reader. 5 out of 5 stars, for sure!

on another note, if you happen to read this, and know of any job opportunities in the greater Phoenix area, I'd really appreciate it! So far haven't had much luck in the occupation of person seeking occupation and would appreciate all the help I can get!

Sunday, August 22, 2004

better late than never

sorry, I know its been a while since I last posted, but there just hasn't been a whole lot to write about lately. that, and I got a bit lazy. Anyways, here's my recommendation for the week:

Garden State - Written, directed and starring Zach Braff, this movie is good. real good. very well written, funny, moving, poignant, and inspirational, not to mention its got the added benefit of a great soundtrack, including songs from Frou Frou and Coldplay, plus tons of other great stuff. One down side: way to many f-bombs get dropped during conversation in this movie, though the over-indulgent use of the f-word does help to contrast Zach Braff's character in comparison to all his old, foul-mouthed NJ friends. Anyways, if you can handle the language (oh and one really stupid sex scene, almost forgot about that one), then I highly recommend this one. At least get the soundtrack when it's released!

Saturday, August 14, 2004

Takin' Care of Business

Tonight has got to be the first and last time I'll ever wanna see Bush rockin' out to 'Takin' Care of Business!' I'm for sure votin' for the guy, but this one just makes me laugh! (thanks Sarah J.!)

Oh, if you haven't caught 'em yet, these guys are pretty cool - Nine Mile. Gotta love it when Canada pops out another great band! Their website's got some good samples of their music too, which always makes me happy! Gotta love hearin' new (free!) music!

One last word - why is it so many people feel that they can't enjoy life without a little 'herbal enhancement'? If it takes gettin' high to enjoy something, is it really worth it??? Just somethin' to ponder.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

did I hear music?

ever felt like you were being called into the radio industry? Ever wanted to have your own radio show? wanna be a dj? check out mercora, a cool new online p2p radio program, which allows you to host your own shows! sweet, huh? betta believe it! now go get it and play some music... oh, and it better be good music!!!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

what's goin' on???

so I told you that I'd have somethin' new posted by the end of this weekend, so I'm makin' good on my promise! Here's what's goin' down in the near future in the great city of Phoenix:

1. It's gonna stay real hot for a while, and then maybe get cooler, come, like, christmas.
2. Its already passed, but its definitely worth mentioning - Ill Harmonics new album, 'Monkey Business' hit stores on July 29th. Go get it! NOW!!!
3. August 24th - Dave Matthews Band, Cricket Pavilion, probably already sold out, but hey, you should now when it's gonna happen!
4. Same day as DMB - G. Love and Special Sauce's new album is released - 'The Hustle'
5. September 16th - Johnny Lang - Celebrity Theater
6. Norah Jones - Cricket Pavilion - Oct. 11th
7. G. Love and Special Sauce, October 14th, Celebrity Theater
8. October 17th, the new Mars Ill album is released - 'ProPain'
9. Bela Fleck and the Flecktones (gotta know this one!!!) - Tucson - Convention Music Hall - november 1st; Flagstaff - the Orpheum Theater - November 2nd; Phoenix - Celebrity Theater - November 4th. Anybody wanna go with me? Cause this one is a must!

that's all for now, I'm sure there's much more goin' on but this'll at least give you a nice head start. Happy music show and album release attending, this fall!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

nappin' it really real

so...naps are way cool! 2 hours this afternoon really helped, though I'm still feelin' dogged, come 12 am. Big suprise. Tomorrow I start my second job: researching local building projects for an insurance company. Fun Stuff. But hey, it brings in the dough. Hopefully won't be too bad. Can't be worse than makin' a bunch of 'not-a-sales' sales calls all day. Though I'm still doin' that too, for another couple weeks. Anyway, not much to report on the music front, mostly cause I've been too busy and too tired to care right now. Hope to have a list of upcoming local music shows and events up in the next couple days. Maybe by Sunday! Anyways, have fun before the semester hits!


Monday, August 02, 2004


So if you haven't been into the independant music scene of the late nineties to the present, you've probably missed one of the best independent bands of the last decade - Dispatch (and, yeah, they're better than all that modest mouse and co. stuff that's come out so recently!). Straight out of Boston, this three man crew ripped it up all over the US, touring non-stop, and selling more than 300,000 CDs in the last eight years (pretty impressive for a group that never signed with a single record company in their existence).

You remember that software program called napster? Yeah, well these guys are the quint-essential poster-boys for that program, and the ideas about file sharing that it fostered. Without Napster, and its ability to spread music (as well as other media) all over the world, Dispatch would never have made it as big as they have. Now don't get me wrong, under the current copyright laws, essentially free file sharing is illegal and I'm not putting my stamp of approval on it, but for bands out there like Dispatch, who refuse to trade their musical and lyrical freedom for money and notoriety (brought to you courtesy of "THE RECORD LABEL") file sharing is one of the best ways to distribute their name to as many people as possible, quickly! And they'll agree! (and you wonder why the record companies all hate free file sharing!)

Anyways, this summer holds Dispatch's final show, in Boston, so don't go lookin' for tour dates for next year. However, all three guys, Pete, Chad and Braddigan are now off and about creating their own music. Personally I have found a lot to enjoy about Braddigan's new solo effort (check out his debut ep, 'Dirt Level Demos'). This ep is essentially Braddigan and his guitar (sidenote: Braddigan played drums for Dispatch, though his primary instrument of choice is the guitar!) with a bit of vocal layering to add some depth here and there (gotta love harmony!). On top of some great skill and talent as both a musician and song writer, he's a born-again Christian (or however you wanna state it) which is always a big plus in my book for artists I wanna highlight! So check him out and keep your tabs on his stuff in the coming months and year, cause this guy's got talent, some big dreams, and a big heart!

(sorry, this one got kinda long)

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


yay!  Happy night!

have a good one!


P.S. - check out the Bourne Supremacy, it rocks!  (but check out the Bourne Identity first, cause it helps make the Bourne Supremacy rock!)
oh, and have I ever mentioned Victor Wooten rocks my world (when it comes to bass)?  Cause he does.  that and rocks just about the entire bass world.  check him out!

Monday, July 26, 2004

its that time again...

Cali kicks butt!  If you didn't already know, now you do.  Got to spend a quality weekend with a bunch of junior high kids from the youth group I work with (Excel, Camelback Bible Church) in Cali, doin' the coaster thing at Six Flags.  Total fun!!  I so wanna hit the beach again this summer, sometime.  Just gotta find some people to go with.  Anyway, gettin' ready for the week ahead, so I'll catch ya'll later.

Friday, July 23, 2004

time to get down with your roots

'Step into the realm, you're bound to get caught and from this worldly life you'll soon depart'

oh, man!  I've been  missin' my Roots!  These guys can truly drop the bomb when it comes to rockin' the mic.  Some of my other fave hip-hop hooks:

'1,2,3! Mos Def and Talib Kweli, we came to rock it on to the tip top.  best alliance in hip hop.
1,2,3! Black Star shine eternally.  we came to rock it on to the tip top.  And Hi-Tek make the beat drop'

'We rock up, up, we get down, down, we move left, left, slow right, right nod heads (nod heads), shake hips (shake hips), take hip-hop music to the height of the night.  We rock up, up, we get down, down, we move left, left, slow right, right nod heads (nod heads), shake hips (shake hips), cause that's what we do, that's what we do...'

'One rhyme can't change the world but still I never back down.  speak my piece in microphones and fade into the black-ground.  What's wrong has prospered too long, its time to take it back now, write what's right upon walls and fade into the black-ground.'

'I shall proceed and continue to rock the mic.'

'yes indeed, like who, I John Reu, do promise you the listener to keep it innovative. 
dog gon' it.  my name is John Reu and you have my word on it.'

'Quality control captivates your party patrol, your mind, body, and soul.  for whom the bell tolls.  let the rhythm explode.  big, bad and bold B-boys of old...'

Go get your own.  discover the scintillating sounds of some quick calls, layered on the bold breaks, of your fave dj/mc combo, ya'll!

Happy listenin' as I head to Cali with a bunch of junior highers!  Check ya later.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


pretty tired, so I'm leavin' a short one tonight...
(so much for the formal review process I mentioned last time!)

'you could be my punk rock princess, and I could be your garage band king...'

hope one day I get to say that to my wife-to-be, whoever she is (I know that sounds way sappy and cliche, but hey, I am sappy and somewhat cliche deep down inside!  And you know you are too!).  of course I wouldn't mind be a garage-band king, even without the punk rock princess


Monday, July 19, 2004

championship vinyl

(to add some formality to my page I am implementing the following into my semi-daily rantings: a daily/nightly  highlight/review of something exceptional I've seen, read, heard, or watched, and a daily dose of what I'm listening to, reading (cause readin's good for ya!), and/or watching.)
Tonight's Highlights:
'High Fidelity'.  if you haven't seen it, see it.  With a mixture of the relational angst and musical rantings of 'Empire Records' (though the rantings extend far and beyond those of 'Empire') and the stylistic dialogue and narration of 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off', this film retains, in my view, the high and vaulted position of number one post-teen-angst movie.  John Cusack is at his finest, bringing to life a true boy-becoming-man, as his character reflects on his relationships, present and pass.  Plus you can't beat the musical bantering/critique that fills this movie to the brim!  I will warn you, however, that its got a fair dose of language, and one scene that it could do without (nudity).  just so there's no suprises. 
saw 'Napoleon Dynamite' tonight, as well.  Great movie: funny (very funny!), stylistically out-there, and some well executed acting (how he mangages to keep his lips from ever closing is beyond me!).  my prediction: cult classic, 'specially after it hits store shelves.
if you haven't discovered it yet, discover it now: KEXP 90.3, of Seattle, WA.  Listen live, all day, with some awesome 'DJ'-ing and a decent selection of music (I don't mean variety, but quality).  I will warn you, however, that some DJ's lean heavily on the garage band side of musical taste, with a lot of modest mouse and franz ferdinand-ish bands being pumped through the soggy air waves of the northwest.  Overall, and excellent online indie station.  A definite good listen, most all the time.
Daily Dose: 
Listening: KEXP, plus a mix of old-school DMB; anything before 'Everyday' (I've been on this DMB binge for the last week.  There's no tellin' how long it'll last!)
Reading:  Villa and Zapata: A History of the Mexican Revolution, by Frank Lynn.  Why?  Cause, I admit, I am a history-phile and this guy can really write a decent history book!
Watching:  'High Fidelity' and 'Napoleon Dynamite' (see above)
"Keep on Rockin' for the Kids" 

Sunday, July 18, 2004

tired to no end

definitely tired.  9 hours of driving, plus practice with the band, plus hang time with the band and their respective girlfriends has left me drained.  Colorado is still awesome, but right now bed calls to me.  Hope this week has been awesome for you as well!  Night.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

until next week...

so tired, and yet its a good tired, if you know what i mean! good day of work, fun (thanks mom for all the clothes, you rock!), and more fun with Adrienne and her family (and crazy pets!) now i've just gotta get packed for an awesome week in pagosa springs, co.

so, yeah...catch ya'll next week, for another episode of nothin' special

Friday, July 09, 2004

oh, boy, busy day

so, sleep is starting to become non-existent. at least in mick jones land. two real jobs and another "job" (me just messin' around on illustrator for money) is startin' to cramp my style. sleep. that wonderful, non-drug-induced state of being where all is forgotten. that state of consciousness that, for some reason, i am completely addicted to. anyway... today involved many phone calls to many large companies who really had no interest in my survey questions/sales pitch, little eating (though my one meal at Chile's rocked! thanks mom!!!), and a whole lot of fun! oh, and rob, this awesome graphic design guy who i've known since like jh had me over to his 'office' (the rennovated garage behind his house) to help me on some design stuff... and then treat me to 45 minutes of video games! gotta love 30-something year-olds who still love to game it up! check out his stuff at, plus the site itself is just cool! anyway, time to catch a few winks, before another busy, fun day

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Variation, Anyone?

So when did it become cool for a band's drummer to utilize only one beat pattern, for every freakin' song??? Is it just me or is Franz Ferdinand missin' the boat when it comes to decent drumming. I mean, the first time its alright, but every song???

If you want decent drumming just go check out some great bands you've probably already heard of: Carter Beauford (of DMB) or Neil Pert (Rush).

To all you aspiring drummers out there: drop the pounding bass, repetive smacks on that snare, and jam, baby! Mix it up, make it fresh! Learn to play with the music, feel it, not just drive it with some monotonous beat that a 7 year old can pound out on his mom's kitchen pans!

Alright enough spewing for one day! Have a great one!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

The End is Near

Its all about the benjamins! Today was good, and not so good, all rolled into one delicious mess of a time! Havin' no money can really kill the spirit, and yet somehow God is good enough to let me have peace in all things, in all circumstances. Why? Cause He is love. Plain and simple. Like buttered toast, baby!


hope to get this whole blog thing up and goin' soon (gives me somethin' to do).

my pick of the day? K-Os
Found him last night, and his stuff kicks some serious hip-hop butt. Check him out!